It’s Sunday, and as I watch the Olympians do what they do best, I am reminded that that the difference between standing on the podium listening to your national anthem and being just another no-name competitor boils down to just fractions of a second.

In business, just like the Olympics, its not always who is the best, but rather, who is the best at that very moment. So whether you are skiing down a mountain at 85 mph or selling that game changing deal, it comes down to who is most prepared, most skilled, and most confident—that day.


Where business and professional athletes differ is that only professional athletes perfect their craft through formal periods of “practice”. Why is there such a large preparation dichotomy between the practice for Olympic Sport vs. the practice for Olympic Quality Business? Now maybe 4 years practice to 1 game is not the most realistic ratio to grow your business, but what kind of impact would 1hr a week of role-playing make? For the majority of companies, that 1hr is the difference between listening to your national anthem or your competitors.

Everyday has 24hrs. This is true for everyone in the world. It’s the people of your business that separates you from your competition.  The more effective your employees are, the more effective your organization can be.

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