sales enablement FY2018

Is your organization taking advantage of sales enablement to boost efficiency and close more deals? Many organizations are tackling budget planning for the upcoming year, making now the perfect time to pitch your case and secure budget to empower your sales team.

Get started by understanding what sales enablement is, why you need it, and how to get your initiatives approved.

What is Sales Enablement

Sales enablement provides information, content, and tools that help improve sales efficiency and success. They focus on high level improvements to streamline sales organization operations.

“Sales enablement helps sales and marketing teams unleash the power of content to improve customer conversations and win more deals.” – Highspot

Typical initiatives may help your team with:

  • Getting your team up to speed faster
  • Improving productivity
  • Generating more revenue per sales rep
  • Improving retention

Why Do You Need It?

Sales enablement initiatives can set your organization apart. Every organization is unique. Your need for sales enablement will depend on your unique needs and goals.

Some signs that you may be ready for sales enablement are:

  • Your team is thriving. The best companies take advantage of successful periods to double down on their investment in their team. Analyze what you’re doing right and continue to build those processes and strategies to see even greater results.
  • Marketing and sales are disconnected. If these two critical departments aren’t communicating you’re wasting serious resources. This type of enablement can help connect sales and marketing and make sure your messaging and collateral is on point.
  • Onboarding is inefficient. If it’s taking too long to get new reps up-to-speed and making sales, you could benefit from sales enablement support. Fine tune your process and coaching programs for a more efficient training process.

Enablement initiatives can be the difference between whether your team operates efficiently to their fullest potential, or consistently loses out on deals to competitors. Can you afford not to jump in?

How to Get Sales Enablement Approved for 2018

The best way to get your enablement initiatives slated for 2018 is to choose a strategy, or a few, and get prepared. Start with the following suggestions:

Prove the metrics. Get your sales enablement budget approved for 2018 by proving the numbers. Focus on how your initiatives can directly impact critical KPIs for the following year. Consider data points like total onboarding period, training engagement scores, and time to first sale.

Push targeted initiatives. Improve your chances of getting budget approved by delivering a tailored approach. What are the critical goals for your company in 2018? How can sales enablement directly impact those goals? Trading your over generalized pitch for a highly relevant one will help get you get the budget you need.

Introduce incentive based programs. Have your programs tied to compensation benefits. By pitching an initiative that is based on a commission-like structure you’ll convince leadership that your team is behind it, and that you’re confident enough it will work to base part of your salary on it.

Explain the opportunity cost. If proving the ROI of your sales enablement initiatives isn’t moving the mark, try explaining the opportunity cost of not investing instead. The risk of not getting on board with sales enablement means falling behind every other company that does. Calculate the revenue lost by your company if your training, coaching, and sales processes stay stagnant.

Understanding sales enablement and building it into your FY2018 budget is the first step in boosting your sales efficiency. Help your team stay competitive by making sure your organization understands exactly why they can’t live without these programs next year.

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