how to manage a mostly new sales team

Working with a proportionally high number of new sales reps on your team can present some unique challenges.

New sales reps require more time and closer monitoring than their veteran counterparts. They start your onboarding process at different times, and they all come with their own strengths and weaknesses.

How do you provide each of your new reps with the same top level management experience when they’re requiring so much of your time? How do you tailor a sales training experience to turn each of them into allstars?

We recommend using the following three strategies to give your new sales team, and yourself, a fighting chance at success.

Devote Additional Time

There’s no getting around that new sales reps will require more of your time. While a majority of your onboarding and training programs should be technology focused, new reps still need one-on one attention.

Help them thrive by devoting extra time to sales coaching and other opportunities to connect. Try these ideas to get started:

  • Schedule individual coaching sessions. Pre-schedule individual time for the first 6-8 weeks with your new reps so it always stays a priority. Help them in the areas where they are struggling, and ask questions that help them figure out the answer themselves. After the first 2 months, coaching sessions are still essential but could take place every other week or monthly.
  • Grab a cup of coffee. Don’t overestimate the power of a simple coffee and conversing outside the office. Helping your reps feel like they are a priority will boost their confidence and strengthen their commitment to your team. It’s also a great time to encourage them to open up honestly about how they think things are going.
  • Create a dedicated new rep meeting. Encourage new rep bonding by scheduling a regular check in meeting with all your newer members. You’ll get valuable feedback, and they’ll start building important relationships.

Giving new reps a little extra time will help you get them up to speed faster, and help you keep an eye out for any individualized treatment they may need.

Watch Metrics Closely

It’s critical to manage all of your sales reps closely, but your new sales team members are extra important.

Watching certain metrics will give you an idea of how quickly they’re catching on, their strengths and weaknesses, and any important red flags.

Use the following metrics to keep accurate tabs on all of your new reps:

  • Onboarding training scores
  • Number of demos booked
  • Number of opportunities created
  • Pipeline
  • Time to first sale
  • Average time to close a sale
  • Close rate
  • Sales revenue

Create new rep and veteran baselines so you can quickly measure your newer talent against general performance. Then, adjust their training to focus on the areas where they are struggling. You can even pair them up with a rep who excels in the metrics where they are falling behind.

Automate When Possible

Handling a significant number of new reps at the same time can quickly eat up your entire day, week, and month. Use technology to automate every process you can and provide new reps the ability to manage their training.

Partnering with a strong video coaching and training software can handle most of your challenges with one solution. A partner, like LearnCore, can help with the following:

  • Streamline onboarding. Use technology to develop, distribute and deliver training automatically for all of your new reps, no matter when they start. Don’t worry about having to keep track of their progress and performance, because the system will do it for you.
  • Assess performance. Get training performance scores delivered right to your dashboard. Keep track of how each of your new reps is performing and identify areas that need improvement with one simple glance at your screen.
  • Coach from anywhere. Give your reps the individual attention they need on the go. Use the Mobile Manager app to coach your team, manage performance, and provide feedback all from your phone.

Technology is your friend, let it make your job easier so you can get more done.


Handling lots of new sales reps can feel overwhelming. Every day they aren’t up to speed is a day you’re losing opportunities. Use the guidelines above to manage new sales reps efficiently, so everyone can win.

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