how to measure sales training programs

Sales training programs ensure your reps have the knowledge and skills to sell your product and close more deals. Organizations invest millions into sales training programs every year and need methods to show their training programs are effective and generating ROI.

Sales leaders can measure training results by getting sales rep feedback, seeing if behaviors changed, and whether metrics are moving in the right direction, but it’s essential to collect data on the program to evaluate effectiveness.

Collect Data During Sales Training

Simply covering the information in sales training is never enough. To get the best sales training measurement results, you should build checkpoints in to your training program.

You can collect important data throughout your training by:

  • Quizzing sales reps each individual module
  • Adding a comprehensive test at the end of the training program
  • Recording practice scenarios for assessment and feedback
  • Building in opportunities for practice phone calls, emails, and other types of communication for feedback

When you build in automatic opportunities to collect information on progress and knowledge retention to your sales training program, you’re creating a constant flow of data which you can use to assess the sales training performance of your organization, your teams, and your individual employees.

Reporting for Sales Training

Measuring your sales training activity is a good start, but it can quickly become a wasted investment if you’re not reporting regularly on progress. We believe measuring sales training success is so important that LearnCore has launched an enhanced Enterprise Reporting functionality to add onto our already robust capabilities.


LearnCore Enterprise Reporting

Our online learning software lets you easily create and deliver sales training content to your team, and collects important measurement data to track momentum. Our reporting features bring it all together by allowing you to customize, run, and save reports that detail individual and team performance.

You can use LearnCore reporting capabilities to measure data points like:

  • Team level statistics (number of users, % completion, average scores)
  • Individual statistics (assessment scores, Pitch IQ score, completion speed rate)
  • Completion statistics (date started, date completed, percent completion rate, percent overdue)

And that’s just the beginning. Getting a clear understanding of individual and team performance gives you insight into which reps are excelling, which reps need more individualized attention, and where your training strategy might need adjustments.

Investing in sales training without measuring results means you’re draining your budget without knowing the ROI. It also prevents you from having the right information to make critical modifications to your strategy. Start measuring your sales training results to ensure your program is successful, and you’re getting the highest ROI possible.

Want to learn more about LearnCore’s Enterprise Reporting functionality? Watch the video below and schedule time to talk with our sales team.

LearnCore Enterprise Reporting