The end of Q2 marks an important time for a mid-year sales check in opportunity. How is your team doing? How are your programs working? Are you seeing the results you want?

Even though it can be intimidating the first half of the year is gone, it’s more critical than ever to make sure you’re on track. Follow the action plan steps below to regroup for the second half of the year.

1. Review Progress

The first stage in your mid-year sales check up is to track current progress. Look at various levels of data to get the big picture, and drill down into where individual wins and losses are coming from. Finally, track whether you’re right on pace, ahead of the game, or falling behind.

Consider questions like:

  • Is your team on track to hit Q2 goals?
  • Are you bringing in the right types of accounts?
  • Do you have individual sales reps exceeding expectations, or lagging behind?
  • How does your team’s activity level compare to previous quarters and years?

2. Boost Sales Enablement

Once you know how well your team is performing, check in on sales enablement initiatives. Sales enablement provides tools and resources to help your sales reps be more efficient and successful at their jobs.

Follow these paths based on your current success level:

  • On track to meet goals. If your sales team is trending in the right direction to hit their quota, you’re sales enablement initiatives must be working. Audit their progress and determine if any small tweaks or adjustments could make them even better.
  • Falling way behind. If you’re team is nowhere near hitting Q2 goals, your sales enablement program may not be working. Now is the time to head back to the drawing board. If you’re still on the fence, check out these signs you may be ready to hire a sales enablement manager.
  • Ahead of the game. It’s important to remain competitive even if you’re well ahead of Q2 goals. Look at ways to improve current sales initiatives or add new programs to ensure your team will keep improving and developing.

Sales enablement is a critical factor for struggling and successful teams alike, and it’s a crucial component for staying on top of your mid-year sales check in plan.

3. Plan a Mid-Year Sales Kickoff

Your sales kickoff meeting may seem like a distant memory, but sticking with your plan is more important now than ever. Sales kickoff provides the inspiration, motivation, and roadmap for the year. Unfortunately, by the end of Q2 it’s likely that your team is feeling unmotivated and off track.

Plan a mini mid-year kickoff to get your team revved up again. Review goals, incentives, new products, company updates, and of course, progress. Showcase reps who are knocking it out of the park to create healthy competition and provide examples of success.

Don’t wait till the end of the year to realize you deserted your main initiatives for the year.

4. Reinforce Training

Just like your sales kickoff messaging, your sales training need to be consistently reinforced. Sales training and coaching are excellent ways to keep your reps at the top of their game and continuously developing their skills.

Our tip for keeping reps engaged in training all year long? Make it interesting. Use mobile friendly online learning software so you’re reps can access what they need from anywhere. Then, make it even better with video. Use industry leading solutions like LearnCore’s Pitch IQ, where reps can actually record pitch practices and get real feedback.

Your mid-year sales check in is an opportunity to strengthen existing training programs so you can see continued success and help reps meet their quotas faster.

The end of Q2 is a great opportunity to check in on the status of your sales organizations, and make critical changes to address Q3 and Q4 needs. Even if the first half of the year wasn’t what you’d hoped for, there’s still time to pivot strategies for more success in the second half.

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