The economy is growing and so is your business.

The experts point out that the pace of change will continue to accelerate and success in this new economy is based on your team’s ability to stay up to speed and adapt to change.

Accelerated hiring creates a need for well-designed learning management tools that can broadcast product updates and process initiatives. A local learning management tool more rapidly connects and leverages subject matter experts and top performers to extract knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis.

LearnCore’s white paper, The Modern Approach to Corporate Training: Global + Local provides key data on the need for local, department-level learning tools to improve adoption and keep up with the pace of change.

Each team of employees is different. Marketing, operations, finance, sales, engineering – each department has a specific set of training requirements that extend beyond onboarding. Is the global LMS that’s in place to manage onboarding and compliance the right tool to be training new sales people on products, pitching and skills? Probably not…

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