How can you turn your “Anchors” into “Engines”? Is your current LMS an anchor?

For the last 5 years I was grandfathered into an insanely cheap cell phone plan. The only issues were that the cell service, data coverage, and anchorcustomer service were awful. I had 1 square foot in my office where I received service; most client calls took place with my face planted against the window in hopes of keeping reception long enough to tell them I needed to call back from a land line. It was a total disaster, except the plan was so cheap that I could somehow justify the experience.

As my reliance on connectivity became more important and smartphone capabilities improved exponentially, I made the switch to a different provider. It has been a total game changer. It altered my entire outlook of my phone from being an “Anchor” into being an “Engine”. Looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t take care of it sooner.

The point is that in life and in business you have “Anchors” and you have “Engines”. There is no better time than right now to identify and release yourself from the things that are holding you back, your so-called “Anchors”. You probably already know what they are because they’ve been causing you to compensate in ridiculous ways. The good news is that if you are willing to take a hard, honest look at things, room for positive change is all around you. How would you change your “old cell phone plan” into an “Engine”?

Quick Exercise: Take a closer look at your team and ask yourself, “Will the training and the habitual upkeep of my under performers ever be worth it?” Start a list with two columns; Anchors and Engines. Then track employee performance over the next few months and see where people land. Reward “Engines” and swiftly deal with the “Anchors.” Maybe the “Anchors” need to be in a different roll, perhaps they need to be at different company altogether. Regardless, those individuals are preventing your team from moving at full speed.

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