A recent survey to LearnCore customers revealed that new hire onboarding is the #1 area to focus training efforts for 2015.

Whether you’re adding on to an existing program, transferring content to digital formats, or creating brand new materials, our blog series and free ebook will help!

Rapid growth and hiring led to prioritizing improvements to the onboarding provided by The Expert Institute.

According to Carina Chivulescu, Director of Human Capital,

“The best changes we’ve made, in my opinion, are those that have helped us educate new hires about the company’s history and culture. Our training materials used to exclusively focus on technical aspects of each new employee’s role – now we make sure to devote time to communicating the mission and values of the company so that each new hire can quickly come to grips with what will be expected of them here, and also what they can expect from us.”

Need help developing your content? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What’s your history? How did your company get its start? What was the founder’s original mission, how has that evolved?
  • What’s your culture? What are the value that drive leaders, and drive employees? What do employees do to support each other, on the clock, and after?
  • How does your role support customers/growth/bottom line? (This is a great way to get non-customer facing employees excited and motivated to understand their value to the business!)

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More on Value

“When I started Back Office Betties I knew I needed to make every team member feel valued from day one. They aren’t just another employee, but an indispensable asset.” Emily LaRusch, Founding Bettie, Back Office Betties

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