A recent survey to LearnCore customers revealed that new hire onboarding is the #1 area to focus training efforts for 2015.

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Your star candidate said yes and now you’re ready to get started. Too late! For your new hire, getting to know your communication style, understanding expectations, and learning more about your corporate culture all begin during the interview process.

For organizations with multi-step hiring processes, Ontraport, a comprehensive business and marketing automation platform, recommends reaching out as soon as you suspect there is a fit.

“The biggest change we implemented in 2014 is reaching out immediately to qualified candidates who submit their resume rather than waiting for them to complete all skill evaluations. This greatly improves the rate of skills tests returned and makes the application process more personal.” Sara Hetyonk, Recruiting Coordinator, Ontraport

Action Items You Can Implement Today:

  • Follow up with candidates in a timely manner
  • Provide feedback before, during, and after the interviewing process
  • Make your hiring process open and transparent

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The Bottom Line – Lead by Example
If you expect these qualities and more from your new hires, be sure to offer the same experience to set expectations during the interview.

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