A recent survey to LearnCore customers revealed that new hire onboarding is the #1 area to focus training efforts for 2015.

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TalktoCanada teaches English online, but quickly found that the even experienced teachers had a hard time getting used to the online classroom. New hires would sometimes freeze in front of the webcam or act very unnatural by being overly nervous.

To solve this, TalktoCanada paired experienced team members with new hires. The mentors play an active role in class, both leading by example and providing constructive feedback and encouragement to help new hires adjust to the online format.


“By implementing this onboarding technique we were able to increase a teachers employment with us from 3 months to 1.2 years. From the employee exit surveys we handed out, about 1/3 mentioned this experienced teacher mentoring as one of the reasons they were able to comfortably settle into the job and not feel overwhelmed.” Marc Anderson, CEO, TalktoCanada

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