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Improving sales performance is hard work. Even harder, though, is reinforcing the messages you communicate to your clients. Often times, this lack of attention to reinforcement leaves your clients reinventing the wheel.

Becoming a LearnCore Partner will allow you to better deliver your message, more effectively train your clients and more constructively reinforce the things your clients get the most value from.

What are the benefits of learncore?

Track and Measure ROI

LearnCore tracks hundreds of learning metrics so you can easily prove ROI and get repeat business. Show off before-and-after skill assessments, build and export custom reports, or simply sync up with a CRM; however its used, LearnCore provides the data so you can tell the right story. Time to quantify your consultation? Sign up below.

Add an Unfair Differentiator

Separate yourself from the crowd by turning your service into a solution. Adding LearnCore creates a whole new sales equation of: Content + hands on training + scalable distribution platform + analytics. Turn your content into a highly engaging repeatable course at the click of a button. When LearnCore is added to the mix, real organization change can get implemented.

Post Engagement Value

80% of knowledge is forgotten within the first 24 hours after the training. Reinforcement of key messages has never been more important and has never been more challenging accomplish. LearnCore provides the platform that allows your clients to easily stay emerged in your lessons long after the engagement is finished. Also, you can now extend the life of your engagements by bottling up the lightning you provide and license it to your customers on a monthly basis.

Increase Revenue

Together, Content and Technology transforms the model from a transactional service, into licensable access to you as a brand. Sign up below to see how together can transform your business.

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