Pitch IQ: Practice and Coach with Virtual Role-play

Ensure that 100% of your team is on message

Improve Communication Skills


Certify that your team is client ready.

Verbal – speak with confidence and intelligence.

Written – high impact e-mails and customer communication.

Presentation – clear and consistent delivery through voice-over powerpoint.

Demo – focus on value over features with LearnCore Capture.

Record: Practice Communication

Build confidence through practice

Observe and critique your performance

Iterate and improve

Collaborate: Learn from Top Performers

Watch and review peers on your own time.

Learn from top performers.

Incorporate team best practices into real world scenarios.

Leaderboards to highlight the best responses.

Coach: Provide Feedback and Measure Improvement

Enable a manager or a group of experts to coach their team at scale.

Watch and review how each team member responds.

Spot and correct skills gaps before it becomes a problem.

Quantify the skills of your team.

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