A recent survey to LearnCore customers revealed that new hire onboarding is the #1 area to focus training efforts for 2015.

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China Central Television recruits international applicants to come work in China for an initial contract of 12 months. For the vast majority of these candidates this is their first time to visit or live in China. CCTV found that many candidates were unaware about many of the challenges that they would face and in 2012, the company had a voluntary turnover rate of 30% for these international candidates in their first 90 days of employment.

While you may not be moving new hires to foreign countries, your new hires still face common challenges associated with changing jobs:

  • Understanding benefits and medical coverage
  • Changes to commuting times or routes
  • Arranging for child, senior, or pet care
  • Rolling over and setting-up retirement plans

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After creating a “pre-boarding” program, CCTV had zero resignations in the first 90 days!

“Many companies overlook the value of pre-boarding but if you have a job or assignment that is challenging, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Having employees who are truly ready to report to work makes a huge impact on the bottom line!” Glen Loveland, HR Manager, CCTV

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