Q1 Sales Goals Planning Tips

Getting behind on sales goals in Q1 means your reps will be struggling to catch up for the rest of the year. But how can they meet quotas while still prepping for the next phase? Use these time saving and productivity tips to help your reps stay on top of their Q1 game while preparing to knock Q2 out of the park.

Identify Your Biggest Time Sucks

Enable your team to do more by helping ease their pain points. Are you under the impression your sales reps are actually selling all day? Unfortunately, they’re not because of day-to-day time sucks that are eating up their abilities to earn more revenue.

One study shows sales reps spend 30% of their time looking for resources, not selling. Invest in processes that help your reps put this 30% back into actually selling. If your sales reps spend extra time hunting down resources in various locations, start by consolidating everything into one place, and making it accessible from any mobile device. Giving them the resources they need in a simple format, so they can have more time to meet their goals.

Help Your Team Qualify Leads

According to Gleanster research, only 25% of leads are actually legitimate. That means your reps are spending 75% of their time on leads that will not amount to anything. There’s nothing that will put your reps further behind in Q2 than wasting the majority of their time in Q1 on useless leads.

Q1 Sales Goals Statistics

Help your team close deals faster and meet their sales goals by putting a process in place to help them qualify leads. Have you clearly outlined your buyer personas? It’s important to identify your ideal customer profiles and list out the best qualification questions so your reps can qualify or disqualify faster.

If you package it all in a nice cheat sheet and make sure your reps can access it on the go, you’re helping your sales reps come out of Q1 on top, and prep for Q2.

Stay on Top of New Developments

One of the best ways to prep for the next quarter is to stay on top of new happenings within your organization. Think about the following and connect with other departments to get answers:

  • Is there a new product or feature coming out?
  • Are there new sales materials that have been developed and released?
  • Are there any organizational changes that will affect your customers?

Give your sales reps ample time to prepare and get accustomed to any changes that will affect how they do business, or their customers directly. If something new is rolling out in Q2, give your sales reps a heads up in Q1. You’ll have extra time to train your team on the information they will soon desperately need, AND you may even get some valuable input from them.

Keep Sales Coaching Constant

Even if you packed a ton of sales training into kickoff, remember, 87% of training is lost in 90 days. If your kickoff and big training push came in Q1, that means at some point in Q2 only 13% of your training will be left. If that’s not a big enough number to keep you on your toes, we don’t know what is. Help your sales reps meet Q1 quotas, and prep for Q2 sales goals by orchestrating a constant stream of effective sales coaching and training.

And save yourself time by not reinventing the wheel. Download our free Sales Coaching eBook and learn how to:

  • Choose the right sales methodology
  • Reinforce the right behaviors
  • Avoid the 5 sins of sales coaching
  • Measure ROI of your sales coaching

Remember, Q1 is the most important time to start prepping for Q2. If your sales reps can’t deliver in the first quarter, they will spend the rest of it digging themselves out of a huge quota hole.

Help them meet their quotas while prepping for the next quarter at the same time and see the immediate impact in performance and revenue.

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