preparing sales reps for Q2 quotas

The start of April means Spring is here and sales teams have new quotas to meet. Now is the time to assess your team’s sales performance and lay out the roadmap for success in Q2.

Follow these tips to effectively gauge Q1 performance and increase productivity to help your team meet or exceed Q2 quotas.

Review Metrics

Analyzing your Q1 data is the first step towards a successful Q2 and starts with reviewing the following:

  • Where did your team measure up on goals, forecasts and close rates?
  • Are you starting this quarter with a quota deficit or surplus?
  • Are there specific areas and/or niche products and services where your team was successful and others where they were lagging?

Understanding your data will help you identify your wins and areas of improvement for hitting Q2 quotas.

Assess Your Team

The end of Q1 represents 25% of your year already over. Who were your allstars and who were your low performers? Getting a handle on individual skillsets will help you determine who needs extra attention and training reinforcements. Use online training and testing technology to gauge your sales reps product knowledge and demo performance skills. Help them record a pitch so you can rate progress and offer suggestions for further improvements.

Identify Time Losses

One of the surest ways to help your sales team increase revenue and meet Q2 quotas is to give them more time to sell. Complete a productivity analysis to determine where your sales reps are spending time when they aren’t selling. When you minimize these factors, reps have more time and sales efficiency improves.
One common productivity killer is the search for sales content. Studies show sales reps spend 30% of their time looking for resources. If your team is victim to this issue, create a universal depository of information that they can easily access to cut down on wasted time, or provide a content creation tool that enables them to make custom content whenever they need it.

improve efficiency to hit Q2 quotas

Reinforce SKO Messaging

Sales kickoff may seem like it just happened, but remember, 87% of training is lost within 90 days. Take a moment to review your SKO messaging and goals to make sure your team is still on track. Schedule additional meetings and training as needed to address any retention issues. Skim the following resources to make sure you’re getting the best SKO ROI possible:

Improve training retention to hit Q2 quotas

Check In With Marketing

Marketing is one of your best resources when it comes to hitting sales performance goals. Check in with your marketing team to get a complete understanding of their initiatives, and also do some investigative work to determine which resources were most valuable in Q1. Talk to them about the following:

  • Which collateral was instrumental in closing the most deals?
  • Which resources were never even used?
  • Are there resource gaps that need to be addressed to help sales close more deals and hit Q2 quotas?
  • What is the lead conversion rate from marketing to sales?
  • How many marketing leads are generating opportunities and revenue?

Set Goals

After you’ve accurately assessed your current sales performance landscape, it’s time to revisit your goals. Where do you stand in terms of quarterly progress, and how do your current numbers track for annual performance? Use data like the inflow of leads to your team and the number of open opportunities with likelihood of closing this quarter to determine what your realistic and stretch goals for Q2 should be. Hint, your CRM is a great place to start.

Communicate With Your Team

Setting goals is a waste of time if they aren’t actively communicated to your sales team. Hold a meeting to review Q1 performance, and share clear expectations for Q2 quotas. Going beyond simply sharing the numbers will have a deeper impact in motivating your team. Explain how the data stacks up to annual quotas, and why it matters. How does hitting or missing these goals affect your reps? Discuss the general health of the company, and why sales performance directly impacts organizational stability and growth.

Prioritize Sales Coaching and Training

Continuous development and reinforcement of messaging is crucial for exceptional sales performance results. Utilize sales learning software, like LearnCore, to give your training a boost without having to reinvent the wheel. Check in with your dedicated account representative to help gauge your performance levels, and get personalized recommendations on how to continue to improve results with the newest trends, like video recording technology.

No matter how you performed in Q1 there is always opportunity for improvement. Follow the tactical steps above to assess your performance level and make crucial adjustments to your process so you can help take your team to the next level. Your year is already 25% over, what will you do with the rest of it?

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