Sales Acceleration Technology Summit 2014 hosted virtual summit and invited sales speaker Jill Konrath to deliver some quick tips on rolling out sales acceleration initiatives. Here’s a quick summary if you missed the event – you can also still register to receive the recordings.

Sales acceleration is entirely dependent on your team’s willingness to adopt new technology. Your team, and all of us really, are on “cruise control,” as Jill puts it. That’s why new technology and processes throw us for a loop – it’s a mental switch from driving a car to being thrown into a cockpit. All the dials and new buttons need to be addressed so sales teams can adopt, thrive, and truly accelerate with new technology.

Tips on where to start

  • Start easy. Don’t try to each everything at once in attempts to speed up adoption. You risk overloading people and slowing them down by sending them back to “cruise control” mode.
  • Make it competitive. Sales people are naturally competitive. Build group challenges or individual challenges around usage, training completion, and results. Your team will rise to the challenge and learn faster if they are having fun while doing it!
  • Create a “sales lab” environment. There are a lot of questions when implementing something new so give teams the green light to test. Opening a new tool up for experimentation will open the team up for learning and adapting.
  • Involve leaders in learning. Leaders that consistently and constantly provide learning opportunities for their teams create teams that are more agile. And we all need more agility to win in today’s business environment!