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Training a successful sales team is always going to be challenging whether your team has 5 reps or 50, but there are proven methods to overcoming common challenges.

Sales certification programs offer a timely, focused way for your organization to ensure sales reps are trained to have the knowledge and skills to close more deals in an increasingly complex selling environment. An effective program can give your team a competitive advantage, help you develop talent, and provide visible results.

To help you get ready for our upcoming webinar, Key Steps To Building A Sales Certification Program From The Ground Up on May 9, we’re taking a look at some of the top training challenges and how sales certification programs can help you address them.

Challenge #1: Engagement

Getting high levels of meaningful engagement from your sales reps when it comes to sales training can be incredibly difficult. The length, span of topics, and required time commitment for sales training can quickly overwhelm your reps, making them disengage.

Sales certification programs can combat low engagement rates because there are direct benefits for your sales team. Take the time to start at the beginning and explain why sales certifications benefit them, instead of just demanding results. Talk about professional development, building their skills, and becoming a subject matter expert within the organization. All of these advantages can help push their career forward.

You can also boost sales training engagement rates with programs that include gamification tactics. Successful sales organizations are using visible leaderboards that celebrate wins, and add a competitive edge to their training program. Have your sales reps earn badges or other rewards with each completed certification to get them even more motivated.

Sales certification programs also offer a great opportunity to incorporate new technology trends like online learning solutions and video to your training. In fact, 75% of employees are more likely to watch video lessons than read documents, emails, or web articles. Sticking with the classroom method of training is the quickest way to lose engagement and put your reps to sleep. Instead, use focused certifications developed with the newest technology.

Challenge #2: Consistency

One of the biggest challenges of any sales training initiative is always consistency. Even though you’re delivering the same message to each employee, every sales rep has their own take. They’re each interpreting the information using their reference points and personal experience, and then they’re adding their own spin in client-facing scenarios too.

Sales certification programs help tackle this issue by ensuring each sales rep completes the material with the same high level of understanding on the designated process or topic, and ultimately certify their knowledge.

Boost consistency even more by building in multiple checkpoints during the sales certification program. Instead of one online test at the end, use multiple shorter quizzes throughout each section. This will help you narrow in on problem areas, and force your reps to fully understand each topic before jumping to the next.

Then, go beyond online quizzes by using new types of measurement technology like LearnCore’s Pitch IQ video recording solution. Pitch IQ allows reps to easily practice and record their pitch and submit it for feedback. An online quiz can tell you whether reps know the certification information, but a recorded pitch practice can show you how they would actually apply it.

Using a sales certification program with these types of consistency measurement tools will help you hold reps accountable for their learning, and ensure they are all delivering the same client-facing messages.

Challenge #3: Reinforcement

Sales leaders are constantly struggling with how to make their sales training stand the test of time. Since 84% of sales training is lost within 90 days, a sales certification program is effective at delivering highly concentrated learning and can address common reinforcement challenges as well.

The key to reinforcement is not ending your sales certification program once your reps have completed the initial goal. Ever wonder why any career with a professional license requires continuing education? For the highest level of effectiveness your sales training programs should follow a similar model. Build in additional activities after the main portion of your sales certification program so reps can continually build knowledge and skills.

Using a sales certification structure to add in extra checkpoints and learning opportunities will help keep the information fresh, and also allow you to share any important updates.

Use quick online modules, quizzes, additional pitch practices, and one-on-one sales coaching to help reinforce your original messaging. Without more opportunities to accurately test and assess knowledge, you’ll have no idea what your sales reps actually retained.

Sales certification programs offer a unique opportunity for your organization to maximize sales training effectiveness while combating common challenges. Take a proactive approach to your training initiatives by using sales certification programs to achieve a higher ROI, and stand the test of time.

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