Why Sales Performance and Video Go Hand in Hand

We’ve all had that moment in the shower when it feels like we could be the next American Idol. We’re absolutely sure of it. Unfortunately, most of us (and especially me) would only make the blooper reel.

Whether you singing in the shower or trying to close that next deal in the office, it’s all too common to have a giant disconnect of how good we think we are vs how good we actually are.

The good news is, the tape doesn’t lie. We began video based role playing exercises for our sales team and here is what happened.

5 Reasons Video is Critical for Sales Performance

1.  Helps Drive Adoption.

Traditional training has a reputation for being particularly miserable, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporating video into your training program automatically makes it more desirable.

Video is more interactive, and a more exciting way to learn.

Even better, video is a great way to encourage adoption with the newest generation taking over the workforce. Millennials value technology over all else, and encouraging sales performance by mobilizing sales training will immediately impress them.

2.  Drives Better Retention.

Not only does video get your employees more enthusiastic about training, they have a better chance of actually retaining the information as well.

According to Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning, organizations can automatically boost their training performance from the 10% that comes with reading, to 50% with video.

Richard Dale Cone of Learning

Even better, if the video has some sort of interactive component, like recording a sales pitch, or gamification, retention rates can skyrocket as high as 90%.

Adding video to your training performance is an easy to boost sales performance within your business.

3.  Provides Unique Insight.

Video provides unique insights that traditional training can’t.

Ever wonder why every sports team watches their game tape back? Because they learn from it. How they think they performed might be totally different than what actually happened during the game. Watching the playback provides athletes a unique experience to learn they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Online training software that enables your sales reps to record their pitch and watch back their performance gives them valuable insight into their skills, and how they can continue to improve their sales performance.

Even better, you can pick top performing videos and use them as additional training resources for the rest of your team.

4.  Allows for Modular Training.

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and video learning provides the perfect opportunity to offer training in a bite sized, modular format.

Traditional training could mean hours and hours in a classroom where retention was low and boredom ran at an all time high. Providing your sales reps the opportunity to fit small learning opportunities into their schedule as they can, and need, will give them a better chance of improving their sales performance.

When creating your video training program, consider the average attention span.

Sales Performance and Audience Attention Spans

5.  Allows Learning to be Mobile.

In addition to a modular training structure that works with any schedule, video takes your training mobile.

GIving employees access to videos from anywhere allows them to access information, or re-check facts in real-time, and apply what they’ve learned instantly.

With the increase of mobile devices like laptops, smartphones and ipads in the workplace, empowering your sales reps to learn on the go will reinforce good behaviors, and improve their sales performance.

Don’t waste another minute on outdated training techniques that leave your sales reps unprepared. Capitalize on video to offer development for your reps that will keep them engaged and interested, fit into their schedules, give them unique insights into their skills, and be available on the go.

Have other tips for leveraging video to improve sales performance? We’d love to hear about them.

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