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Just because your sales reps think they are delivering effective sales demos doesn’t necessarily mean that’s true. Sales reps are naturally confident, but when it comes to sales demos, the real question is whether your sales reps are as good as you think they are? Think about the following as we take a deeper look in the sales demo process so you can accurately analyze their skills.

  • Have your sales reps become too comfortable in their sales demo style?
  • Are sales reps using the same bland content for all of their opportunities?
  • Are sales reps interacting with their prospects in the right way?

Ask the following critical questions to gauge how well they’re really doing:

Is the right level of detail included in the demo?

It’s tempting for sales reps to explain all the great features of their product, but realistically, prospects can’t (and don’t want to) absorb it all. Coach your sales reps to research their prospects beforehand and pick out the top features that will apply to each specific scenario. By focusing on features that will excite their prospect, they’ll keep them interested and engaged. Help them remember that this is a demo, not a training session.

Is the sales demo presentation customized for the prospect?

It might be easier for your reps to use the exact same demo for every prospect, but it’s certainly not realistic. This is the age of personalization, and prospects expect a customized touch. Train your team to keep the main parts of their presentation constant while tailoring smalls details to their prospect’s business, team size, industry, and other needs. Keeping the presentation relevant and compelling will help leave a lasting impression with their prospect.

Is relevant content available?

Your sales reps should be including useful content in every demo. They won’t be the only option their prospect is considering, and they need to make the most out of their opportunity to stand out. Coach your sales reps to leverage your marketing team to help them create outstanding pieces that will wow their clients. Consider a great powerpoint, customized videos, and relevant case studies among other options. Even better, they should be able to reuse a lot of this content to draw in other prospects in the future.

Is the most compelling technology being used?

A powerpoint is great, but modern technology has so much more to offer. Help your sales reps dive into video to up their game and keep their prospects awake. Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read documents or emails, and prospects are no different. By providing your sales team with video recording software that anyone can use, like Screencastify, they can quickly record their own videos on the spot. They can create customized videos to use during their demo, or even send out follow up videos showing additional features that their prospect inquired about during the live demo. Help them get creative!

sales demo video statistics

Are both sides asking questions?

If your reps thought their sales demo went great because the prospect didn’t have a single question, you have some serious coaching to do. You need to help your sales reps understand that sales demos should be engaging. If their prospects aren’t asking questions, there’s a chance they are snoozing through the entire presentation. Coach your reps to build in time so potential clients can absorb information and ask for any clarifications.

You should also coach your reps on how to ask the right questions to dig deeper. The sales demo is an opportunity to share information with their prospect, but it’s also an opportunity for your sales reps to gather information, build rapport, and determine the best next steps to closing the sale. Train your sales reps to build the right questions into their sales demo in a natural way, and then use the answers to improve the live demo and guide their follow up approach.

Is there a follow up process?

Even if the sales demo went well, the sale hasn’t happened yet. A sales demo is a great opportunity for your sales reps to build a better relationship with prospects, and learn more about their needs. Coach your sales reps to use their follow up as an opportunity to provide additional information to sway the sale in the right direction. Whether the prospect was skeptical, confused, or just not sold on any certain feature, this is an opportunity to overcome those obstacles. Remember, 80% of sales require five follow up calls after the meeting, and 44% of sales reps give up after one follow up. Training your sales reps to follow up successfully is half the battle in crushing your competition.


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