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Our annual LearnCore conference, CoreConnect, is coming up and we can’t wait to meet, learn, and collaborate with leaders in sales training and enablement. Today we’re previewing one of our exciting workshops surrounding something every growing sales organization struggles with: scaling. Join us in Chicago from October 24-25, 2017, for the full CoreConnect experience, and in the meantime, enjoy this quick preview.

Are you in an exciting stage of growth with your organization, but wondering how you’re going to keep executing at your role with an expanding team?

  • As your sales team grows how will you find scalable ways to keep your reps engaged?
  • How will you find similar strategies to make time for individual coaching so reps can perform at their best?
  • How will you focus on managing growth when you have everyday tasks that need to get done?

You need initiatives that will help you scale sales coaching and engagement efforts so you can keep winning, no matter how big your team gets. We’re going to dive into this topic full force with our CoreConnect conference panelists who will discuss their personal experiences and success stories.

For now, get inspired with these scalable examples:

Mobile Coaching

Innovative sales managers are finding ways to give their sales reps more one-on-one coaching without draining their schedule.

Mobile coaching solutions, like LearnCore’s Mobile Manager App, help sales leaders provide more coaching, keep their reps engaged, and reach team members across different locations and time zones. It also allows them to provide feedback on-the-go through pitch or demo practice video submissions with simple scoring and feedback systems. Imagine being able to hold your reps accountable 24/7 by tracking individual progress and skill assessments, all directly through your phone.

Mobile coaching is a valuable tool for any size team. Start with the sales reps you have now, and then continue providing the same dedication to every new rep you have with simple, effective technology.

Sales Training Software

Sales training software can transform your team and drive better performance, without increasing your workload. In fact, software solutions, like LearnCore, can greatly reduce the amount of manual work on your plate by automating processes, and eliminating the need for in-person resources.

In fact, 40% of companies that use training software report a 40% increase in revenue. They’re streamlining their onboarding processes, messaging training, and using sales certification processes to boost their sales rep engagement and performance. And as your team grows, your cost stays relatively the same.

Just imagine your onboarding program. What if you added 20 more sales reps to the mix? You would increase your travel and lodging costs, your in-person training resources needed, and inconvenience a majority of schedules. With an online solution you can scale your team without adding any of these costs. Instead, you’re simply adding a new user.

Video Training

When you think about scaling your team you probably see the hours of your time needed piling sky high. You’ll need one-on-one coaching sessions, individual assessments, and in-person feedback for things like demo and pitch practice. How could you possible handle all of that when you add even more reps to your team?

Luckily, new technology like video feedback software and screen capture technology provide scalable options for these types of engagements. These tools can allow you to push out an assignment and have your reps send in their submission without ever having to sit in the same room with them. You no longer have to waste time scheduling meetings, watching every practice-gone-wrong, and then providing feedback. Instead, just provide the feedback!

Even better, these solutions help provide your reps with their own accurate feedback. Nothing is more telling than watching and hearing yourself on camera, and using these scalable solutions makes that a reality for every member of your team. You can streamline your involvement while giving them career transforming opportunities as well.

Scaling your team while maintaining a strong presence for your team doesn’t have to be impossible, you just need to use the right technology. Get started with the tips above, and then join us for the full panel workshop session at LearnCore’s CoreConnect conference this October.

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