Companies live and die by the success of their sales department. If you really want to get the best results from your sales team, you have to make things scale. What you did as a 20-person company probably won’t work at a 50 or 200-person company. If you are ready to scale your sales department, here is what you need to take that leap:

    1.    Develop a Scalable Sales Process: A scalable sales process captures and redistributes best practices. It requires defined and easily repeatable processes, and automated systems so your sales team is remain focused on selling, and not filing form 139B.1, per say.

    2.    Attract Superstar Sale Performers: In order to attract quality you have to portray quality. Draw in superstar sales performers so that you have viable leads ahead of time. Superstars might be more expensive but they often are worth the money. Heavily weight their salaries on commission to limit your risk.

    3.    Train and Develop: The main aim of developing a scalable sales department is to minimize the time and energy it requires to train her hires. Create a system that easily gets newcomers up to speed and weeds out weak candidates that slipped through the recruiting process. There are several tools out there (Learncore) that can help decrease the time it takes to start selling.

    4.    Integrate! Integrate! Integrate! The sales strategies, processes and tactics have to be intimately mapped and linked with the marketing strategies, systems and processes. This symbiosis will help communicate the goals and requirements of the sales team to the marketing team. You can expect the creation of more inbounds for the business through this.

Scalability is one of the most effective and efficient ways of growing your business. Feel free to browse our blog for more tips on scaling your business, or contact for a free demo on how we can shave your onboarding time in half.