LearnCore improves your bottom line.

Use Cases to Empower Your Entire Organization


Onboard new employees faster, cheaper, and more effectively with the LearnCore platform. Use the platform in conjunction with live training exercises or as a standalone self-study program. Easily connect the physical classroom with digital reference tools and assessments. Courses can be categorized by week or subject matter and then deployed to all new hires instantly.

Sales Training

Get your sales engine running at full throttle by moving your sales training to the LearnCore platform. Whether you team is worldwide or all in one office, keep everyone on the same page by publishing training courses in real time. Got 5 minutes before the big sales meeting? LearnCore is cloud based, so you can access content and review key notes from anywhere in the world you can get online.

Product Training

Product lines are constantly innovating and growing, and it’s never been more important to have your team communicating the right message. LearnCore helps bring clarity and accountability when is comes to product knowledge. First, use LearnCore’s unique taxonomy to promote training in bite-sized chunks, and then test on specific sections to quantify your team’s knowledge on a per product basis.

Customer Training

Have a complicated product? LearnCore is the spot to send your customers before they clog up your phone lines. Easily upload step-by-step guides that cover everything they need to know. Create a rich, interactive experience around content you already have.

Leadership Training

A company is only as strong as its leadership. LearnCore allows you to create courses and measures the success around leadership. Sophisticated enough to distribute the training content needed to keep the C-Level team sharp, yet simple and intuitive enough that they will actually use it.

Knowledge Sharing

LearnCore makes it easy for groups to collaborate around specific topics. Unlike other social sharing tools, LearnCore narrows the focus to nurture positive niche conversations that can help move the needle. Inside every course, LearnCore gives each member a voice to ask questions or coach others through problems.

Game Tape

Review “Game Tape” from real sales meetings by having each team member upload their recording into LearnCore. Get advice from leaders, and promote how your organization’s All Stars perform at game time. Have one place where a manager can access their team’s recordings and quickly provide feedback. Run better routes, show off a meeting best practices, and continuously improve your team’s performance.

“Once I saw how easy it was to use LearnCore, I immediately presented it to our design team as the only solution for rolling out this huge, high-value initiative for our firm.”

Sharon Meit Abrahams

National Director of Professional Development