LearnCore is speeding sales, reducing costs, and changing the way sales teams train.

What do IT managed service provider SunGard Availability Services, media technology giant AOL, and rapidly growing global technology company MediaMath all have in common? It’s not an employee perk, at least not in the traditional sense.

These high growth companies are seeing greater levels of employee engagement by optimizing their training initiatives. Training is one of the easiest hurdles to cross when working to grow employee engagement. It’s a line item most companies already have, and enhancing the program is a demonstrable way to show employees you’re invested in their success. SunGard AS, AOL, and MediaMath all turned to LearnCore to continue to move fast, with greater success, through their learning platform.

Changing a foundational process like training isn’t always easy, or even clear from a high level view.

It’s estimated that the cost of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding a new salesperson costs a company between $75,000 and $300,000 per rep. So when a new hire doesn’t work out, it’s difficult to look inward at onboarding and training processes, rather than blame it on a bad fit.

But high growth companies don’t have time to focus on external factors. When you move fast, you risk more to succeed.

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” – Jack Welch

Like their startup counterparts, high growth enterprise organizations often need to be agile in the face of innovation, change, and add-ons. What can’t change are the corporate essentials, product ins and outs, and the ability to communicate value to customers and prospects.

Three Changes That Can Be Made

Introducing Agility to Training: Software developers have been relying on agile methodology for adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encouraging rapid and flexible response to change. Now, learning and development teams need to introduce this same flexibility and rapid response to change to the rest of the organization. For SunGard AS, AOL, and MediaMath, this wasn’t just a nice to have, this was a definitive need as product and service offerings were evolving while sales communication and employee knowledge lagged behind. For trainers, the biggest win is breaking content into “bite-sized” chunks. This makes updates to content easier when a single lesson needs an update, not an entire curriculum. It’s also been found to drive learner engagement as employees are able to learn on-the-go, between meetings, before presentations, and in short sprints.

Active Skill Building: Organizations must move beyond learn and test when it comes to essential skills like selling and customer support. While great for teaching processes, company history and more, engaging employees to learn by doing creates an opportunity of skill mastery. So high growth companies are turning back to foundational learning concepts like role play and challenges, but using modern tools like Pitch IQ from LearnCore to bring this concept to online and mobile learning.

Certifying Expertise: For fast moving companies, it’s important to ensure that training sticks. Earning an internal certification generally means that the individual is proficient and able to apply their knowledge without much assistance—which means freeing up time for subject matter experts who are frequently stretched thin, while also creating more experts. Certification also helps employees identify who to turn to if they need additional help or questions answered. Throughout the organization, a certification saves time and removes the risk when you haven’t directly seen performance in that capacity.

When traditional training methods fail to produce success, optimizing the learning and assessment process can be a quick win and an easy step towards better engagement. The new approaches offered by LearnCore to clients like SunGard AS, AOL, and MediaMath are making it easier for their workforce to learn about changes, increase sales in-turn, and result in higher engagement and retention.