Training sales people is a daunting task. Yet, it is crucial to the success and sustained growth of your company. Every day sales teams struggle with effective and efficient onboarding.



Our training process is a full team effort. Most importantly, we eat our own dog food – using LearnCore to get new people generating value faster than ever before.

Here are a few of our best practices and systematic processes that keep us going:

1) Involve more than just the trainers – rely on your top performers as well:

It takes a village to raise a child, right? Well it takes a team to efficiently onboard a new team member. At LearnCore everybody gets involved in the teaching process, coaching, and role-playing activities. Our goal is to transfer the knowledge AND skills from the top performers to everyone else on the sales team. No single person is the best at everything in the company. Learn From each other.

Capturing the combined knowledge and skills makes it easy to replicate as you continue to train more people and review previous lessons.

Finally, to get a truly comprehensive understanding of the product, new hires spend lots of time in the Customer Service department. They will learn common questions, the nuances of the product, client use cases, and how to properly interact with our customers.


2) Practice!

Sales teams are no different than sports teams. They should spend countless hours watching tape, studying the game, and practicing together. Sales people are your goal scorers. They need to know the details better than anyone else. Build a culture of winning by never allowing excuses for lack of product knowledge, process, or how to communicate its value.

To get everyone performing like “A players”, sales teams need to spend time role-playing. Here they can listen to how peers handle objections, record and watch top performers work their magic, and set up a detailed debriefing of all interaction. No one said practice was easy; but it sure is better than not hitting your targets.


3) Learn + Apply

People learn in different ways, but studies show that knowledge is truly retained when they can demonstrate and teach that skill to others. Help people learn faster by giving them the opportunity to create and show off their own material.

We are constantly improving our training content – sales people who are going through training are asked to create and update different pieces of content. This forces them to not only absorb the material but also think critically in applying the knowledge.


4) Continuous Engagement:

The training needs to be ongoing, allowing people to continue improving and learning from each other. Utilize bite-sized training modules and activities so people can have impactful training sessions and easily refer back to what they learned.


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