LearnCore operates with one mission in mind:

Improve employee performance, and make companies more productive.

We believe building a strong team is the only way to accomplish this mission. Our most successful team members embody our core values and demonstrate the following:


for their work, the team and the mission


to persevere through challenges and get things done


that facilitates helping, collaborating and sharing ideas


to make the right decisions


driven by accomplishing A-level work


and continuous improvement at work

What do we enjoy most about working at LearnCore?

Vishal Shah

Co-Founder, CEO

I enjoy the process of going from an idea to reality, and if it happens quick, it’s that much better. LearnCore’s team and culture drives action, which is one of the things I most enjoy about the company.

Ethan Linkner

Co-Founder; COO

I’ve always loved the science behind how people learn. Through LearnCore’s methodology, I am fortunate enough to actually “see” people learn every day. And just think of the ripple effects that a smarter workforce brings…

Ryan Leavitt


The team and the clients. No question. When you wake up every day and have the opportunity to work with a team this passionate, smart, and fun, it is easy to love what you do.  Also, our clients are innovative leaders at the best companies in the world; we have the opportunity to help them achieve their goals while also continuously learning from them.

Paul Ray

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

LearnCore is a great environment to enter and be impactful. We all work hard, we all play hard, and we all grow as a team.

So what is the culture at LearnCore like?

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