If you haven’t heard of him, Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tiger’s has been one of baseballs greatest offensive weapons since he entered the league. Disclaimer, yes, Tiger’s for life.

In baseball, average hitters hit around .225 while at .300 batting average will get you into the Hall of Fame. To put this .075 difference in perspective, one of the best batters in history and an average player is that the great ones connect on about 1 additional hit for every 15 chances at the plate. Baseball is not all that different than your organization. Maybe you have a few standout players, but for the most part everyone is doing their job. How would your organization look if your team connected on and additional .075% of its chances?

That is your job as a manager. Get that .075 out of your team. Don’t settle for average

In baseball having high performers directly translates into wins, but it also has a long tail of positive benefits. Sure it fills stadiums, sells jerseys, hotdogs, beer and parking, increases the value of TV syndication, etc. (think company valuation or stock price), but it also makes everyone on your team better. Teammates can take smarter risks because of the safety net high performers create. There is a whole effect that happens when high performers are in play.

So how does Miguel do it? He trains hard and thoroughly. He invests time understanding the proper batting mechanics. He studies the moves of the competition.

Quick Exercise: Name 3 blockers that are preventing your team from becoming  High Performers. How does your current training need to change to create a team that can consistently get that one extra hit? What training needs to happen so that you can close that one extra sale? Or develop that one additional feature?

The difference between a good organization and a world champion is just .075% away. Training is the way to get there. For more tips or to give the LearnCore platform a test drive, contact us at Sales@learncore.com.