Real Reason Sales Methodology Isn't Working

We’re coming up on the end of another year and you may be looking back and realizing things didn’t go quite as you planned.

If you’re not seeing the results you want, check out these real reasons your current sales methodology strategy may not be working.

1.  Your Internal Processes Aren’t Working

You may be quick to adopt new sales methodologies, but slow to follow through on their implementation. Check in with your sales methodology reinforcement plans to make sure they’re working:

  • Assess your training programs. They should surround learning and fine tuning the types of skills needed in your sales methodology. In other words, everything needs to be aligned.
  • Schedule check-ins with your reps. Spend one-on-one time with each of your reps so you can see them in action. Whether it’s client calls, or in-person client meetings, see how they’re using your methodology in their natural environment.
  • Get honest feedback. What do they think about the sales methodology and how it’s currently being implemented? Get some honest feedback about your processes, and how you can make them stronger.

2.  Your Managers Aren’t Engaged

You need to engage your managers to makes sure your methodology actually sticks. They are the leaders delivering the message to your sales reps, and if they’re slacking off, your messaging is definitely getting lost.

Empower your sales managers to get more engaged by using these strategies to make your methodology stick:

  • Reinforcement. Use both short-term and long-term reinforcement strategies. Short-term tactics might include tests or quizzes, and virtual role plays, and long-term tactics might include in-person assessments in the field.
  • Practice. Practice makes perfect yet? Right, but we’ll just settle for improvement. Managers can help their sales reps own your sales methodology by giving them regular opportunities for practice. Help them by providing resources, like LearnCore’s Pitch IQ technology, that uses video capture and feedback tools to help build confidence.
  • Coaching. Employ formalized coaching plans that allow your managers to continue to develop your reps on a long term basis. Using online technology devoted to sales team development can help speed up the onboarding process, identify gaps, increase productivity, and create engaging coaching programs that help your sales methodology stick.

3.  You Aren’t Tracking Quality Metrics

You may not know your methodology is working if you aren’t tracking and measuring data. One of the easiest ways to get started is to leverage existing information in your CRM. But don’t forget to make sure what you’re measuring is actually accurate.

A global Experian study reported that common data errors affect 91% of organizations, and on average companies in the United States believe about 25% of their data is inaccurate.

To determine whether you have data integrity issues, look for the following common CRM issues:

  • unassigned accounts
  • lack of data
  • duplicate accounts
  • low levels of activity.

To get a better understanding of why the errors might be happening, watch out for these common causes:

  • poor training
  • Confusion
  • individual style differences
  • sometimes even laziness.

Once you know your data is reliable, put it to good work! Set up tracking measures and regular reporting to collect baselines and measure performance with the implementation of your sales methodology. That way, when you roll out new initiatives you’ll be able to measure against past performance and truly see how well your sales methodology is working.

In addition to traditional metrics you can also use measures like your Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer surveys, and verbal feedback to measure your progress.

Stop blaming your methodology instead of looking in the mirror. Get your processes, managers and metrics in line before you decide to dump your current strategy. Without those building blocks for success, no sales methodology that you implement is going to work anyways.

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