4th Quarter Sales Tips

It’s the 4th quarter and the pressure is on. Leverage these seven tips designed to make your 4th quarter more productive.

1.  Get Inside Your Buyers Head.

It may not be Black Friday, but a lot of buyers are trained to buy at the end of the year. They know sales reps are pushing to hit quotas, and they’re hoping for a deal. Make sure you understand your customer so you can react proactively to their expectations. Keep in mind, some companies lose their budget if they don’t spend it all. Your customers may be under pressure to buy too. Even more important, make sure you know their fiscal year end, it may be different than you think!

2. Get Locked Into the 4th Quarter Holiday Calendar.

For you, the 4th quarter may be all about closing, but for your customers, it’s time to celebrate! Get your calendar blocked off early and keep key holidays in mind. A lot of your prospects may be taking time off for the holidays, and you need to plan ahead for their potential absence. Instead of getting the holiday blues, use them to your advantage by taking an opportunity to connect with prospects and customers by sending a note, or a holiday treat their way.

3. Touch Base with EVERYONE.

Whether they are your existing customers or just leads, use the closing of the year as an opportunity to reach out. Send an email to prospects reminding them that now is the time to lock and load for 2017, and reach out to current customers asking if there is anything they need to adjust as they plan for the new year. Either way, any excuse to communicate is a good one.

4. Demo, Demo, Demo.

Get some live group demos on the calendar, or pre-record a new video demo to mass distribute. The 4th quarter is the perfect time to talk about new features, preview what’s coming out next, and remind prospects and customers why you bring value. It’s important to stay on the top of your client’s minds as they plan for the new year, and use up their current year budget.

5. Impress Your Boss.

Take initiative by scheduling a 4th quarter check-in meeting with your manager. Talk about your performance this year so far, and also lay out any current client issues you could use some help tackling. They’ll be impressed you’re on top of your game, and they may be able to help you close a few last deals to boost your 4th quarter performance.

6. Get Updated on 4th Quarter Operations Processes.

How will your organization handle orders placed within the last few weeks of the year? Understand the processes so you can plan your own forecasts accordingly, and also communicate the right expectations to customers.

7. Know Your Numbers.

You have to be accountable for your own responsibilities. Know your numbers, and know what you need to hit. Then, review your opportunities accordingly and set some realistic goals. Going through this planning process will help you hone in on an appropriate Q4 strategy.

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