Customer adoption is not only the most important component of selling software, but it is also the most challenging. Since each customer has their own use-case, adapting to their individual needs can create complexities in training and adoption. Here are some tips and tricks for successful on customer training.

    1.    Software Updates:

Software is regularly updated and improved. Because of such regular changes, it is very difficult to ascertain if your customers are getting the most value out of your software.

The Solution: Keep small customers in the loop through a regular email drip campaign of updates. In addition, a more formal guide or help section should be easily accessible within your app. This way clients familiarize themselves with the software and keep coming back to access relevant information. Update the guidance tools regularly. For larger clients, schedule hands on demos of new features and if it’s strategic for their solution, you can use that time to gently encourage them to upgrade.

    2.    Training and Development:

Software can be complex and unnerving if you don’t know what you’re doing. Regular training is essential to keep getting the most out of it. However, keeping tabs on customer training is a difficult and taxing task for software companies.

The solution: Develop an internal reporting system for all your clients. Think of a Scoreboard. This way, you can distinguish between who needs a phone call, or email, or full-on demo. You will then be able to focus your efforts on clients who need training.

The key to effective customer training is the ease of use of training programs. LearnCore offers a platform that manages customer training and you can learn more from our inRentive case study as well at