Sales Demo Tips

As a sales leader it’s your job to empower your sales reps with the right tools. Sales demos can be the tipping point that pushes prospects further down the conversion funnel, but only if they are done well. Help your sales reps knock their sales demos out of the park with these simple tips.

Give Them the Right Sales Demo Strategy.

Sales demos can be great, and they can be a waste of everyone’s time. Make sure your reps fall into the first category by coaching them to take the right approach. Here are a few places to start:

  • Include a personal touch. Your sales reps shouldn’t reinvent the wheel every time to give a demo, but they should tailor it to their specific prospect. Coach them to keep the primary features and switch out critical details to give the demo a personal touch, and keep it as relevant as possible for their potential customer.
  • Know the buyer. Coaching your sales reps to understand their buyer is half the battle. Create a checklist of data points and information that will help them personalize the sales demo to their prospects. Consider information like where the buyer is in the process, what specific needs they have, and what potential concerns they have, or may, raise.
  • Leverage great content. Partner with your marketing team to create great content that speaks to your target prospects. Cover timely topics that tie into the benefits you offer and make readers interested enough to sign up to learn more.
  • Keep things interesting. It’s tempting to cover every awesome detail and feature about what you’re offering, but you don’t want to bore your prospect. Coach your reps to pick and choose the best features to cover without getting to in-depth. The sales demo is a preview to help close the deal, not a training session.
  • Allow time for questions. This may seem like a no brainer, but make sure your reps continue the conversation by allowing prospects to ask any outstanding questions they have. This may help clue your reps in to what the potential client is thinking, and what’s holding them back.

The sales demo is a preview to help close the deal, not a training session.

After giving them tips for the actual sales demo, make sure you’ve coached them on the pre and post sales demo strategy too. Help your reps understand the best time to offer a sales demo, and how to close a deal after it’s done. Remember, the demo is just one step in the entire sales process.

Set Them Up With the Tools to Succeed.

After defining your strategic play and coaching for success, make sure you set your team up with the tools to make it happen. Planning is one thing, but your reps need to actually be able to play the game too.

What tools do your reps need to succeed at sales demos?

  • OnDemand recording technology. Giving your sales reps recording technology that’s simple and easy to use let’s them customize content on the fly. They can provide a better experience for potential customers, AND create what they need without waiting for another department.
  • Learning software to perfect their craft. Video is the most honest type of feedback your reps will ever get on their pitch, and it saves you some time too! Give your reps access to tools like LearnCore’s Pitch IQ – video and roleplaying technology – and let them practice their sales demo in real time. Then, review it with them for a unique coaching opportunity. You can even use the top recordings as examples and learning opportunities for the rest of your team.
  • An opportunity to collaborate. You want your sales reps to be mobile and have the ability to create and give a sales demo on the fly, but you should also leverage the experts. Create an environment where sales and marketing can thrive together. Get feedback on past demos, and help creating new ones from your in-house marketing experts.
  • Feedback tools. Help your reps get feedback on their work. Set up opportunities for feedback collection within your sales process. Use surveys or scoring systems to see what prospects thought of the sales demo, and then help your reps interpret the information so they can continue to improve.

Perfect Sales Demo Tips

Hold Them Accountable.

The right strategy and the right tools mean nothing if you don’t hold your reps accountable. Don’t set your reps up for success and then leave them hanging. Make sales demo development a priority, and a regular part of your schedule.

Help your sales reps improve their demo skills by keeping them on track with regular coaching sessions, learning software they can access from anywhere, and metrics so they know where they stand. The data you choose to collect surrounding your sales demo initiatives will depend on the specifics of your program, but these are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Weekly, monthly, and annual sales demo quotas
  • Close rate on opportunities where sales demos were completed
  • Scores on quizzes that measure reps understanding on the sales demo strategy principles
  • Customer feedback ratings collected post demo
  • Comparison of feedback ratings on practice demo recordings over time
  • Average deal size on accounts where demos were completed
  • Number of training modules completed surrounding sales demos
  • Number of follow up activities completed post demo

If you set your team up with the right strategy, give them the tools to succeed, and help hold them accountable you’ll quickly have a team of sales demo rockstars at your fingertips. Helping them excel at this one important part of the sales process will not only provide a better client experience, it should have a major impact on your bottom line too.

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