Why Video is Changing the Sales Training Game

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know video is an absolute game changer in the sales training world.

Why? Think about some of the highest paid performers who work under seriously stressful situations.

If there is one thing athletes do consistently that has a big impact on their performance, it’s reviewing their game tape. Without video, they have to rely completely on memory. And unfortunately, we way too often remember ourselves as Michael Jordan when we are actually the kid who got picked last in gym class.

Just like athletes, sales professionals need to know exactly how strong their sales game is. Hello video!

5 Ways Video is Transforming Sales Training

1.  Gives Accurate Feedback.

Like we already mentioned, it’s way too easy for our own memories to confused the highlight reel and the blooper reel. Sometimes we think we’re awesome, and we just aren’t.
Video helps sales reps learn about their performance just like athletes do. There’s no hiding from raw footage. So whether it’s practicing a pitch, listening to a recorded call, or actually watching a client meeting back, video will either reaffirm how great you are, or show some harsh realities. As one of our clients once said, there is no faster way to show a sales rep they aren’t great at pitching, than to show them they aren’t great at pitching.

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We recommend taking advantage of online training software, like Pitch IQ, that allows your sales reps to record their pitch and watch it back to improve their performance. Give yours reps the opportunity to get the best feedback of their life.

2.  Improves Retention.

In addition to accurate feedback, when it comes right down to science, we know that video leads to better retention as well.

Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning says that training performance can jump from 10% retention to 50% retention by switching from reading to video learning.

Richard Dale Cone of Learning

If you leverage tools like Pitch IQ that have an interactive component, you can even boost retention rates to as high as 90%.

3.  Boosts Adoption.

Let’s be honest, traditional training stinks. Sitting in a classroom for hours on end listening to someone drone on and on is boring. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

People love video. Just think about Youtube. Adding video to your sales training program keeps your sales rep smiling and excited about learning in a way that traditional training just can’t.

4.  Helps Flexibility.

Besides often being boring, another downside of traditional training is that sitting in a classroom doesn’t allow for much flexibility. You need a trainer, a location, a schedule, and attendees. Video on the other hand is accessible whenever you need it.

Video training allows your reps to access training immediately, whenever they start. Not only that, they can learn on demand.

Creating video training modules that are bite sized means sales reps can tackle training topics in their spare time, versus having to dedicated multiple hours at a time. Even better, this is how people prefer to learn!
The average attention span proves shorter is better. So keep this in mind when planning your video program.

Sales Performance and Audience Attention Spans

5.  Keeps Reps Happy.

And maybe the best reason yet, video keeps sales reps happy. There’s nothing worse than your entire sales team grumbling before a training session. Instead, get them pumped for an opportunity to improve their skills in a format that’s forward thinking and fresh.

Getting your sales reps excited about training means a better chance for improved sales performance, which means more money in your pocket.

Video is changing the sales training game for the better. Start leveraging online software that helps you easily incorporate video into your organization so you can stay on top of the trends, and most importantly, stay ahead of the competition.

You wouldn’t sent your team into the next game without reviewing their tape, so don’t send your reps into the field without the very best training they can get either.

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