We can all choke from time to time. No matter how long we have spent watching golf training videos, or reading golf books, we can step up to the tee and forget everything we learned. Suddenly, you are worried about the dogleg, the fast lip of the green or that nasty bunker lying just behind it. Then, you take the worst swing imaginable and send the ball straight into the trees.

If these golf metaphors are getting old, then let us spell it out for you: memorizing sales techniques is no substitute for the real deal. Businesses that want top sales professionals must look to more innovative sales techniques that duplicate the pressure, nuance and unpredictability of handling actual customers.

Sales video roleplaying can give them this experience, but in a protected environment where they can practice and also get feedback. With enough sessions at their back, your top sales reps will be able to march right up to that tee with confidence no matter how many sand traps lie in their way.

Practice Makes Perfect with Roleplaying

When we refer to “roleplaying” what we are referring to is engaging your sales reps with realistic scenarios where they are forced to practice their communication and think on their feet.

These simulations let them put all of those memorized sales tactics and training notes to use. Writing on the topic in the Harvard Business Review many years ago, jewelry chain owner Larry J.B. Robinson asserted that “Unlike other training tools, such as manuals or classroom lectures, role playing is active. And because of the activity, involvement, and peer pressure people feel in the ‘drama,’ the learning rate is high.” By creating a situation where the sales representative is responding to an actual human being, they can also become more accustomed to applying their knowledge on-the-fly.

People taking the role of the customer can play hardball, too. Sales representatives get to learn how to maintain focus and composure in situations that may frankly make their blood boil. When it comes time to handle real tough customers, your top sales representatives can bask in the familiarity of the situation and not get flustered in order to redirect the conversation and close the sale beautifully.

Innovative Training for the Entire Sales Team

Sales roleplaying may have been around forever, but online sales video roleplaying is a newer, more innovative sales technique that lets sales teams practice on their own time and allows you see how your top sales reps fare in controlled situations.

Each salesperson views a customer query or video sales presentation prompt that they must respond to. Since every employee has the same prompt, they can later review their results alongside their team members. Evaluations can be given to compare and contrast approaches, and creative or exceptional submissions can be held up as examples for everyone to follow.

Is your sales team ready to handle customers in a way that makes you proud? If you are not sure, then consider giving them added experience with sales video roleplaying training. You can discover more about how video roleplaying can craft top sales representatives by reading about our Pitch IQ system.

Using Pitch IQ, a marketing solutions company called HelloWorld was able to cut their sales cycle in half, going from 100 days to 50 days. By centralizing their workforce, providing accessible training and using reporting to gain insights, HelloWorld was able to improve proficiency and maximize their ROI. To make strategic changes that ensure better performance, check out our Pitch IQ system for yourself.