From Brian Groth via LinkedIn Pulse

I have a vision for sales enablement that I’m sharing in the hopes of seeing more companies embrace and improve their own sales organizations. I hope to then learn from how others implement this vision, so please share your own insights.

My vision is to make the Xactly sales organization known as the best company for sales reps to dramatically improve their craft. I can rely on the fact that Xactly is already recognized as a great company to work at so I get the privilege of focusing on just the sales organization.

I’ve previously written about my mission for a sales enablement program and an outline of how to link this vision, mission and related strategies and plans together. However, one specific component that’s needed to achieve my vision is a way to certify a great sales rep’s ability to sell. What’s needed for this is a Learning Management System (LMS) that can:

  1. Host courseware (documents, presentations, videos), allowing us to build a set of courses integrated with the content that’s already in our CMS. These courses need to cover the activities, capabilities, and knowledge needed to sell our products and services.
  2. Assign courses by a reps manager (to aid sales coaching), by sales enablement (for on-boarding and as new courses come online), and automatically based on pipeline and deal challenges, which means CRM integration is required.
  3. Test after consuming the courseware and track results to result in certification, which is also managed by the LMS.
  4. Track each person’s progress in their path to certification, displaying it for the rep and manager
  5. Measure a reps performance (via CRM data) before and after training, plus measuring trained versus untrained reps.

My goal is that certification will indicate a fully prepared sales professional for our company. Assuming our courses are a high enough quality, a certified sales rep will also be a rock star sales rep.

For those of you that have a sales certification course at your company, what else do you look for in a Learning Management System?


Brian created and leads the sales enablement efforts at Xactly, where he helps the sales organization deliver solutions for customers to design and manage the ideal incentives to drive their business and inspire their people. This includes sales coaching, sales enablement tools, managing the sales content, training, and on-boarding with 30-60-90 day plans & sales boot camps. When he can, he enjoys skiing, sea kayaking, bicycling, dog walking and mixing cocktails for friends; sometimes while wearing a bright paisley shirt. If you’re in sales in San Francisco, join Brian every other month at theSenator Club, which is a networking group focused on meeting others in sales and learning to improve sales skills.