In my business we use the internal mantra of CREATE RAVING FANS with every single customer interaction. I demand from my team that they are the best part of our customer’s day, week, month or even that yeeeaaaarrrr (sorry I just watched a Friends marathon). So in the nature of raving fandom, I wanted to share a list of businesses that have made a raving fan out of me. Listed in alphabetical order is my short list of apps that every business team should use.

  1. Asana – Personal and team task/project management. Visually beautiful and intuitive. Tons of functionality. Just an over all A+ application.
  2. Box – Secure file storage and sharing.
  3. Evernote – Personal note taking and organization collaboration
  4. The Google Apps Family (This could be its own list; gmail, hangouts, analytics, adwords, docs, etc. etc. etc.)
  5. Gmail and Chrome Extensions:
    • Awesome Screenshot (takes scrolling page screenshots and records screens for demos)
    • Boomerang – send emails in the future, set reminders to follow up
    • Rapportive – Hover over the email address to brings up that person’s LinkedIn account
  6. – Screenshare tool for demos
  7. LearnCore – Corporate training tool most popularly used for onboarding and sales training.  Disclaimer, I run this company.
  8. MailChimp – Email blasts made easy
  9. Survey Monkey – Create and track survey questions
  10. Uber Conference – Conference call lines and screen video recording


    11. – Build a beautiful, highly dynamic, website without writing a line of code.


For the longer list, or more information on bullet 7, contact us at All the best!