To be a successful sales manager you need to be selfless. To be the best sales manager, you need to be completely obsessive. I am talking borderline psychosis disorder level of obsession.

You’ve probably seen these people around; first person in the office, the last one to leave. Always well put together and a full social calendar. These people will have completed 5 miles while others hit the snooze button. And if you look in DropBox, you’ll see that the presentation file is titled “Final_Master_Final_today’s-date_V4.2.pptx”. You’ll see these people around, just looking for the person that despite the elevator button already being lit, they will continue to press, and re-press it until it comes.

These are not bad things, in fact just the opposite. This A+ personality trait makes sales managers so successful because they can bestow this level of commitment and selflessness on to their team. Managers have to coach and push their team in order to grow. The best managers lead by example showing that B-level work, attitudes, or commitment won’t be tolerated.

To me being selfless is about giving ownership, and unlocking that deep-rooted passion in each of my team members: I try to align myself with each member of the team and let them know that I have their back and their best interest in mind.

In return, they are passionate about working with me and working together to meet the company goals. Part of being selfless involves having good relationship skills. I try to understand the differences of each individual to figure out how to adapt my coaching and management style to meet their needs.

When I’m able to put my team members first, I’m able to motivate them to perform at their highest ability. Through my own passion and selflessness, my team is well on their way to surpass own 2014 quotas.

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