mobile coaching necessary for sales training

Sales organizations are investing more than ever before into coaching strategies, but the needs and requirements of these programs are drastically changing due to evolving sales teams who are:

  • Using remote employees across a diverse geographical landscape
  • Utilizing hotel workstations to allow reps more time in the field, and save on costly office space
  • Leveraging automation technology to help remove admin burdens from reps, and give them more time in the field

When organizations use formal sales coaching processes, they typically see win rates 18% higher than those that either use informal programs, or nothing at all. But, these trends mean sales managers are having less face-to-face time with their reps and need to find ways to coach their mobile teams.

That’s where mobile coaching technology comes in.

Source: CSO Insights 2015 Sales Performance Optimization Study

How Does Mobile Coaching Technology Work?

Mobile coaching technology like LearnCore’s Mobile Manager, allows sales managers to not only leverage the newest learning trends, like video recording software, but to stay connected to their reps from anywhere.

Have reps all over the country? No problem.

Have reps that are rarely in the office? No problem.

Mobile coaching technology connects sales managers to their team with the click of an app. From a mobile device sales leaders can:

  • Send out assignments and challenges
  • Receive video recorded submissions
  • Watch submissions
  • Score submissions based on different categories like clarity, knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm
  • Add personalized comments and feedback
  • Instantly send feedback to team members
  • View individual and team status on one simple dashboard
  • Send reminders
  • Track scores and progress

Mobile coaching technology gives sales managers more control over their coaching efforts, and better access to their teams. Have you incorporated a mobile training strategy into your process yet?

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