why Q3 significant in sales

When sales reps think about the most important quarter of their year, they often jump right to Q4. That’s when their deadlines come to a close, and their final numbers are stacked up for comparison. But what about Q3?

The third quarter is crucial to the sales process, and whether reps end up winning, or losing, at the end of the year. Help your team finish Q3 strong with our to do list.

Adjust Strategy

Q3 is the last time to adjust your strategy before Q4 and end of the year rush. Now is the time to consider whether you’re producing the best results possible. If not, where is there a bottleneck?

  • Are you getting enough leads?
  • Are you booking demos regularly?
  • Is your close rate impressive?

Identifying where there are lags in the sales process will help outline quick fix opportunities you can complete in Q3 to have an impact in Q4.

Assess Pipeline

Before you dive into the last quarter of your year, you need to assess your performance level. Q3 is the ideal opportunity to review your pipeline.

Analyze your open opportunities, and clean up your CRM tracking. Close out lost deals, and highlight real possibilities. GIve yourself an accurate picture of what you’re working with, so you can see exactly what needs to happen to hit your goals by the end of the year.

Prep for Holidays

Don’t wait until Q4 is well underway to outline your holiday plan. Use Q3 to work with sales leadership to determine what processes and initiatives will change or launch during the holiday season.

Assess if and when you’ll be gone, and how you can work proactively to make up for the lost time. Map out the calendar to see when holidays will affect your sales efforts. And, start putting feelers out with existing clients and prospects for what they have going on, and how you can work around vacations, holiday plans, company outings, and other events.

Align with Marketing

If there was ever a time to be aligned with marketing, it’s during the final sprints of your sales year. Take time during Q3 to catch up with the marketing team.

  • Make sure you have all the resources you need
  • Get debriefed on any incentives or deals that will be coming out
  • Ensure they’ll be on deck for the upcoming whirlwind in Q4

Fix Messaging

While the begining of your year probably started off with a huge sales kickoff event followed by intense training initiatives, right around Q3 is when efforts can start to taper off. Take time during Q3 to check back in on original training and messaging goals. This may be the last chance you get to refresh your memory on ideal messaging, sales pitches, demo strategies, and frequently asked questions before your final quota push at the end of the year.

Q3 is incredibly important to the sales process. This crucial quarter is the perfect time to set yourself up for a strong year, and to prep for Q4 goals. Use the tips above to get the most out of your third quarter this year.

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