reinforcement essential to sales success

One of the hardest things for sales teams to do throughout the year is maintain momentum. With constant pressure to hit quotas and build sales revenue, it can be difficult for leaders to motivate their teams for continued results.

Reinforcement is a critical component of what keeps your sales reps on their game. In fact, consistent reinforcement will keep your sales team performing at optimal levels all year long.

Not sold? Let us break it down for you.

Better Demos

Demos are essential to closing deals. Your sales reps may even be measured based on how many demos they book in a given time, and their close rate.

You may think doing a demo is like riding a bike, but it’s not. Sales reps need to constantly practice their craft to keep their delivery perfect. They should also be routinely updating relevant content as needed to ensure their demo stays fresh.

Build in demo practice reinforcement by regularly holding demo competitions with a desirable prize. Simulate a real client scenario and then assign the challenge to your team, and have them use video technology to capture and submit their best performance. This strategy will help your reps improve their demos, while keep things fun and upbeat.

Improved Messaging

It’s all too easy for sales reps to forget every piece of information they learned during onboarding. Can you really blame them?

Build in sales training reinforcements by breaking up topics into small, bite-sized modules that your reps can tackle piece by piece. Regularly quiz them on their knowledge, and then assign learning opportunities that will help strengthen their weaknesses.

Providing your learning opportunities via an online learning system will make the content more approachable. Make sure to choose a partner with a mobile system so your reps can work on their continued training efforts from anywhere. If you’re asking your sales reps to put in the effort, make it easy for them!

Client Interactions

You probably completed some initiation training on client interactions, but when is the last time you’ve reinforced that information? How your sales reps deal with clients directly influences how many deals they close, and whether or not your team hits quota.

Spend some extra time crafting reinforcement opportunities so your team can boost their people skills for challenge areas like:

  • Overcoming objections
  • Sales pitch guidelines
  • Follow up tactics
  • Relationship building

Taking the time to reinforce training on these critical skills will help your reps excel at their role.


Reinforcement is a critical component of accountability, which makes your sales organization go round. You’ve likely set up performance metrics and guidelines which your reps need to follow to hit optimal success. Are you reinforcing them?

Automate your metric reporting so you can keep a close eye on how each of your reps is performing individually. Reinforce the importance of your data points by showing them how each individual affects the whole.

Reinforcement of performance metrics will keep your sales reps on track, boosting overall accountability and success.

Sales leaders can’t ignore the importance of reinforcement within their organizations. Use it as an opportunity to strengthen skills, prioritize sales rep development, and build a solid team of allstar performers.

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