why sales managers use mobile coaching

Sales coaching is a critical component in how managers develop their reps, help them hone in on new skills, and most importantly, push them to close more deals. However, even though sales managers recognize the importance of coaching, their initiatives still face several challenges:

  • Not enough time is spent coaching
  • Teams are spread across different locations and time zones
  • Logistics and travel are too much of a cost burden to the organization
  • Sales reps are not engaged

To overcome these common sales coaching challenges, businesses are turning to a new solution to help their managers excel: mobile coaching.

Mobile coaching solutions, like LearnCore’s Mobile Manager App, incorporate new technology that allows sales managers to coach their sales reps effectively, from anywhere. Sales managers love the flexibility, and sales reps enjoy a more engaging take on training.

Wondering how you can use mobile coaching technology to help you become a better sales manager?

Feedback On-the-Go

Mobile coaching technology lets you connect with your reps from anywhere. Constant travel and globally dispersed teams no longer have to be barriers to great management.

You have the ability to provide reps with feedback on pitch practice videos or demo recordings and can share suggestions to improve a poor training score you noticed. Take advantage of existing scoring systems that assess your reps on clarity, knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm so you can provide constructive feedback faster. Connect with your reps immediately, and let the technology do the heavy lifting for you.

When you implement this kind of this technology, you can stay connected to your reps and be available to help them perform better. Are there any limitations? As long as your iPhone works, you can coach your reps.

24/7 Accountability

Mobile coaching technology helps you hold your reps accountable by allowing you to better understand strengths and weaknesses. If you have too many reps to track and coach effectively,  a sales tools like Mobile Manager can help monitor the progress of each rep easily.

Using mobile coaching technology to track individual progress will enable better coaching by allowing you to make accurate skill assessments, and then prescribe the right individual action plan. Reward highly engaged reps, and send reminders to team members who are lagging behind, all from your phone.

You can finally track individual performance without having to hold in-person sessions with each rep.

Better Management

Analytics are the basis for most decision-making. Sales managers rely on accurate forecasts and their ability to motivate their team to get the job done.

Now imagine if all you needed was one simple dashboard on your phone to give you instant insight into how your team is performing as a whole. Mobile coaching technology can make that a reality.

Compare data from your CRM pipeline to training progress and results in your mobile coaching app. Is your team on track? Is there skill gaps highlighted in the coaching data you can improve on? Are certain reps pulling the entire team down?

Say goodbye to complex reports you can only access from your office and use mobile coaching technology to keep track of trends, scores, and team performance right from your phone.

Mobile coaching technology can help take your sales manager game to the next level. Start providing feedback on the go, hold your reps accountable 24/7, and be a better manager. All you need is a single app.

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